To install Limit Launcher on a Computer, first download it from our website under the following link ( onto the computer you want to install it on.

Note: Limit Launcher for Computers is only meant for devices that you want to control from your phone.

If the Windows computer you want to install Limit Launcher on uses a thrid party Anti-Virus, please disable it for the duration of the installation. On rare occations, some anti virus softwares might detect Limit Launcher files as a false positive.

Once downloaded, double click on “Limit Launcher Installer” and go through the setup by first choosing the language (note: this will not have an effect on the language of the Limit Launcher program itself). Then click “Next” and “Install”. Limit Launcher should open itself. If it doesn’t, (for Windows) go to the start menu and search for “Limit Launcher” and open it manually from there. For Mac, you'll find Limit Launcher in the Launchpad.


Logging In and Setting Up

In Limit Launcher first log in, by either using your account details or your social media. When using your social media, you will receive a notification on your phone (the parent device) in which you have to authorize this login request.

If you don’t have account yet, you can also create an account through the program. Once the account has been created, the setup will continue.

Once logged in, name the device and the child profile you would like to add this device to and click continue. On the final page just click finish and restart the computer. Now this device will appear in the Limit Launcher App on the parent phone, ready to be managed.


If you are having any problems logging in, click here.