Limit Launcher comes with some innovative screen time functions, which are unique to us.


Mandatory screen time break

This function was specifically designed to protect you childrens eyes from straining too much, by having periodic breaks from screens.

Limit Launcher allows you to set mandatory screen time breaks. These breaks are synced over all of the child’s devices, so that the child can’t just take a break on one device and then move on to another device.

This function is important, because scientific studies have shown that not only is it important to limit a child’s exposure to screen time, it is just as important to add breaks into the screen time. 


Cumulative screen time

We allow you to set a total screen time per child, instead of setting screen times per device. This means that the screen time of all the child’s devices is totaled up, rather than having limits per device. This way you only need to set one screen time per child.


No screen time period

No screen time periods are also available, so that parents don’t have to worry about their children using their devices secretly when they are meant to sleep for example.


School devices

Some schools require students to use devices for lessons. By setting a device as a school device, it wont be affected by the screen time settings. Games, social media and video content can still be blocked for school devices, just like any other device of the child.

By default, a school device will only be exempt from the screen time settings during weekdays. Furthermore, parents are able to set school hours. With school hours set, the school device will be treated like any other device outside of school hours.


Click here, for instructions on how to set a device as a school device.

Click here to learn more about what content Limit Launcher blocks.