Why is there a red ring and what does it mean?

A red ring indicates that important files or permissions are missing. If you see a red ring, it means that Limit Launcher is not able to work as intended and that parent intervention is needed to fix it.


Before you try anything else, reload the Limit Launcher app on the parents phone. This might fix the problem. If it doesnt, keep reading.

If the device is an Android Phone:

For Android phones, the red ring indicates that Limit Launcher is missing permissions. This can happen, when a step was missed during the setup process. Sometimes the Android operating system also removes permissions that were previously granted. While this doesnt occur often, both scenarios can be easily fixed by logging into the child device using your Limit Launcher account. The app will automatically take you to where the permission is missing.

If the device is a Windows or Mac computer:

A red ring around a windows computer can be caused by a third party anti virus software. Sometimes it misidentifies a Limit Launcher file and puts it into quarantine, thus preventing Limit Launcher from functioning correctly. To fix this, create an exemption for the affected files.

Another reason for the red ring, is if a child has tampered with the files and removed them manually. In this case a reinstall is needed.