To remove Limit Launcher from any child device, you can delete it from:

The parent phone app (Easier):

  1. Open the Limit Launcher App and log in
  2. Go into the child profile where the device is located
  3. Swipe the device to the left and select delete
  4. Confirm

The child device:

  1. Open Limit Launcher on the child's computer.
    • On Windows you can find it by searching for "Limit Launcher" in the Menu.
    • For Mac it is located in the Launchpad
  2. Log in with your Limit Launcher account or the social account linked with Limit Launcher. When using a social account, a login authentication is required through the parent app on the phone.
    • Note that only the account used to install Limit Launcher initially will be able to login and make changes. This is a safety feature, to prevent children from creating their own accounts and removing Limit Launcher from their computers using a different account.
  3. Once logged in, just press on the "Remove Limit Launcher" button. 
  4. Press "Finish" on the last page and Limit Launcher will have been uninstalled.


You cant find Limit Launcher?

The most likely reason that you cannot find Limit Launcher is because someone has tampered and tried to removed Limit Launcher from the computer without authentication. Doing this doesn't remove the monitoring function of Limit Launcher, but it means that you will have to re-download and install Limit Launcher, in order to remove it properly, or just remove the device from the parents phone.

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